X-Ray Hearing and other unusual talents

One of the characters first introduced in Princelings and the Lost City has preternatural hearing.  I’ve called it x-ray hearing as I needed an X!  He can hear ordinary conversations nearby, but he can also hear things at a distance, through different levels in a castle.  It is not clear whether he can tune this or whether it is only for things that affect him directly, but it gives him suitable warning that it is time to leave.  Exactly why he has this talent is to be explored in a later book.

Fred and Lupin both share the ability to ‘ask’ for something in a castle and for it to arrive, or be presented to them.  This is one of the more common talents among princes and seems to indicate that they are natural successors to the title of King.  It doesn’t always occur in people who achieve the rank of king.  Sometimes it skips a generation, sometimes it goes down a different path completely.  Lupin and Nimrod both share it, which is one reason why Lupin is interested to know whether Kira can do it too.  I apologise to anyone thinking this bears too much similarity to the Room of Requirement, but Hogwarts was not the first castle to answer its inhabitants’ needs. I think the reason for my prince’s talent will become clearer as time goes on.

I think it unlikely that unusual talents only occur in those of royal blood.  Or maybe it shows that everyone has royal blood in them somewhere.  But George does not have this particular talent of the castle responding to his needs.  George has other talents entirely.


8 thoughts on “X-Ray Hearing and other unusual talents

  1. Whee think we must have X-ray hearing because whee can hear the fridge opening in the kitchen and a bag rustling in another room!

    Piggy Lips and Lovin’
    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

    • That is definitely a talent most humans don’t have. Many guinea pigs do though; it must mean you have royal blood in your ancestry.

  2. Wouldn’t that be interesting–x-ray hearing! Sounds appealing–then again, there might be things we weren’t meant to hear 🙂 Great post!

  3. I like the term X-ray hearing. My family has always said I have bat ears because I can always hear them talking about me no matter where I am in the house. Sometimes this is a handy trait, sometimes not so much.

  4. I don’t know about the fictional Saku, but the real Saku can control humans with his Mind. He merely has to Think a Command and Stare at the human, and the human does his bidding. Quite a handy talent, wouldn’t you say?

    We’re still learning about Willoughby’s many gifts. He’s becoming quite a skilled ninja.

    And as for Mariusz … what *couldn’t* he do? He was the magical pig against whom all other magical pigs were measured. He’s somewhere now, on another plane, plying his tricks mostly for the good, but sometimes causing chaos. That’s Mariusz. :sigh:

    • I haven’t made enough of Saku’s mind control talent. I was talking to my brother about the ‘last’ book* today. Seems like I should include a Hattan angle in it…
      * one that may be written soon but not published till the end.

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