One percent more for Pirates cliffhanger

I was watching the author’s information on my Smashwords books, pleased that I was getting a steady stream of people downloading the sample.  After a while I thought I ought to be getting a few more conversions to buying the book.  It’s only $1.50 with the discount code, hardly a major investment. The trouble with Smashwords is that I can’t see the sample for myself. However, with the new ‘sample’ button on the Princelings website (even though it doesn’t display the pictures, please scroll through them), I can… and I could see it stopped just before the real action starts!

So I have now extended the percentage of the sample by just one, so that new samplers can get to the exciting bit!  I don’t think those who have already looked will get the extra even if they come back, since the view in my sample button hasnt changed, so it looks like I have lost some potentially interested customers.  That’s a shame.  However I have learnt that I can use the slider thing on my Kindle to test where my sample should end.  I had worked out how much on word count, but I was obviously a little short.  It’s all a learning curve.  There’s even less of a sample on the Amazon websites – about 15% as opposed to 22% now on Smashwords.

I suppose this helps as the Amazon one gets the action Prologue then some scene setting and plot development.  Perhaps the Smashwords one shows it takes a tad too long to get to the real action.  I’ll have to think about that.

It would be nice to see some more sales coming through now.  Fingers crossed.