One week to the A to Z Challenge – Time to Panic

Yep, I’m all organised. Much!

  • I’ve got all of my blog posts written now, except for.. a few
  • Three of my writing course friends are publishing short stories with me, and two are scheduled
  • My illustrator Dani is talking about her work, with a lovely picture and a bit of an interview
  • I’ve read and prepared all my book reviews except Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle (also for Classic Childrens Book Challenge and Time Travel Challenge) W is a month away…

AtoZ GiveawayI had a bright idea – to run a Giveaway throughout April!  The prizes are copies of my books, of course, but also I’m working with the authors of some of the books I’ve reviewed for the challenge, and also some I’ve reviewed on the blog earlier this year, to include copies of their ebooks too.  All will be revealed on Sunday!  Look for the Giveaway button on the right hand side of the page and a banner on related posts!

By the way, throughout April The Traveler in Black and White will be half price at Smashwords with the coupon code NY74H.  If you get it, please would you post a review as soon as you can? You could try that code now 😉


9 thoughts on “One week to the A to Z Challenge – Time to Panic

  1. What they said! And I’m going to do it. . . have a plan, just need to go sign up. Oh, and write more of the posts, and read a few more books, and. . .

    • Last year I wasnt ready so soon… I found it hard to get round as many as the other blogs as I’d like. This year I hope to do more.
      Thanks for visiting, Sherry – come back to enter the Giveaway, won’t you?!

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