Tuesday Haiku #1

It’s taken me nearly a week to work out what my daily schedule is.

  • Monday – News and promotions
  • Tuesday – haiku
  • Wednesday – flexible, possibly free
  • Thursday – interviews & serials; sometimes characters interviews, sometimes authors, sometimes a Princelings related story
  • Friday – Flash Fiction Day, using Chuck Wendig‘s theme (Adult Content blog, but lots of fun stuff!)
  • Saturday – Book Review
  • Sunday is a day of rest.  For you and me.  I’ll be chilling with the guinea pigs, and reading for the next review!

So today is my first haiku day.  Haikus are poems in the  form 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables again.  I have included some in The Talent Seekers.  Sadly, I start with a tribute to a wonderful guinea pig, star of Princelings of the East, Traveler in Black and White, and a couple of short stories.

Professor SakuProfessor Saku:

Beautiful, adorable.

We will miss you so.


3 thoughts on “Tuesday Haiku #1

  1. Aww.
    I see you’re going on with the daily blogging. I’m pretty tempted but will go with promising 3x per week and doing more when I want.

    • Well, not quite. In theory it’s 3.5 days a week. 🙂 The .5 deppends on whether there’s a book review or a character special/interview. Then again, the haiku is only 3 lines… eventually

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