Should you put your blog on Kindle?

I came across a fascinating ‘How to…’ blog post during Talent Seekers’ first free day. In Is Your Blog On Kindle? A Quick ‘How To’ Get Your Blog On Kindle, Ruth Nina Welsh describes how to register your blog via Kindle Publishing for Blogs, and set it up so that every post you do goes straight to the subscriber’s kindle.

At this point, it is probably worth your while to go to her post and read it. Please come back again!

My first thought was ‘That’s a nice idea’ which was quickly followed by recognition that Amazon charges subscribers for the service while the blog owner gets – more visitors, possibly.  This could be important if they are affiliates for Amazon.

Pett IpadMy second thought was… if I put all my blog posts on kindle, apart from having to have the complete post on the home page (some like this, I don’t – since I don’t like having to scroll down lots of text to find the post I’m interested in), I would be putting my short stories out into the kindle world free of charge.  Now I know you get them free of charge on the blog as it is, but like a lot of people I rather like the idea of collecting them together and putting them out as an ebook (or even a paperback) at some stage in the future.  In fact I thought very early on that I wanted a ‘Chronicles of Marsh’ to catch up on short stories and novella-sized ones that wouldn’t make a full book.  The way things are going there will be a ‘Chronicles of Hattan’ as well.

But the connected society is developing in leaps and bounds and even I start to think I might need a whatever pad (as some conference organisers charmingly put it), so am I being a fuddy-duddy?  Or is it really just a superb bit of Amazon taking over the world by stealth?  They are very clever guys, you know.


6 thoughts on “Should you put your blog on Kindle?

  1. Jemima I love the information you stumble across. I have tried to do this after reading you post. I managed to put all the info in but I couldn’t figure out a file format for a banner. Lol I will try again when I am not feverish and see if I can figure it out. Lol thanks for the post.

    • Glad it helped! I could probably write a lot more about what to do about putting blogs on different media – it’s a bit like “how many websites should you put your books on?”. I certainly don’t know the answer.
      I have found a solution to the issue of my short stories, though. Put Princelings short stories and character interviews on the official website, and leave the others on here.
      Now is there a compelling reason to kindle my blog? Do let us know how yours goes! 🙂

  2. Hi Jemima, thanks so much for linking up to my article. You’ve raised a couple of interesting points. One way around the short story issue if you put you blog onto the Kindle is to just put a blog post up and then have the link to your story which is on a page elsewhere, here, on your website. Also, the Kindle won’t house all of your blog posts, just the latest ones. I don’t think it’s about Amazon taking over by stealth, it’s really just about reader choice and allowing your reader the option and ease of seeing your posts on the Kindle. Glad you enjoyed the article, though, and it gave a little food for thought. All the best to you, Ruth 🙂

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