Tuesday Haiku #8

Having done haikus for each of the books to date, I must delve deeper for subject matter.  Oh dear!  Here’s a topical one:

Picnic at Buckmore

The world turns and turns.

Midsummer’s Day is over,

Winter is coming!



8 thoughts on “Tuesday Haiku #8

  1. Jemima, you know I love reading your haikus – they challenge me to try writing one. So here is one that derived from yours:
    Leaves turning color
    A palette of rustic hues
    Autumn is coming
    I can’t always think of one. Hope you don’t mind my being derivative.

    • I am honoured that yours should be derived from mine, if that’s what it is! I love that; although I must admit that with the first hot sunny day for a month, I’d like to enjoy some summer today!

  2. Love it! Also the picture. You inspire me to think about pulling out my pencils and watercolors again (my outcomes with pencil are so-so and watercolor are, um, primitive, but your pictures always remind me that art is FUN!

    I’d be depressed about that “autumn is coming” thing if it weren’t that summer here is the least pleasant season in many ways.

    • We all get disappointed that what we do doesn’t match what we had in our imagination. The trouble is the teachers (and others) who told us we couldn’t paint when were at school. We can all paint, and express ourselves, not all of us will want to exhibit the results in some way. The results may or may not please us, but they are valid nonetheless, and do something to our health and well-being that is important. I live in constant fear that people will say my chapter illustrations aren’t good enough, but they are mine!
      There’s a lovely book called “drawing on the right side of the brain” I think the author is Bettina Edwards. I highly recommend it!

      • No one is going to tell you your illustrations aren’t good enough. Trust me!

        As for me. . . I do like illustrating my journal some, especially since I mostly only keep my journal when we’re traveling.

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