Tuesday Haiku #10

My second week at Summer Camp, and things are not going well. My target is 1615 words a day and I was already one day behind when I fell sick with a virus.  I haven’t written anything since.  Hopefully the medications will work and I’ll get back on track.  So this week’s haiku:

2013-Participant-Campfire-Square-ButtonFeverish body;

Distracted mind a whirlpool

of plots and outcomes.


4 thoughts on “Tuesday Haiku #10

  1. If I hadn’t had a manuscript that I wanted to get back to, I doubt I could generate per day the necessary words to get to 5000-my goal. The first day I posted 500+ NEW …hardly enough. Like the #atozchallenge, I worked ahead and placed things in a queue. That’s the reality of these things, don’t you think. BUT, the discipline of writing each day becomes addictive, and fun. Why not write for the NEXT nanowri if you don’t recover in time to finish this month. Your first job, FEEL BETTER. I hope it is soon.

    • Thanks, Stepheny. I was lucky enough to hit on just the right new idea today… havent got any further in the pre-written part of the story that needs revising, but I’ve put another 2000 words in the bit I’d already rewritten! Changing from description to dialogue helps. Must remember to show not tell.

  2. Sorry that you have not been well. Nano is very challenging, so don’t beat yourself up. There will always be another one!
    Thoughts meandering
    Feverish creative coils
    New worlds revealed

    • Thanks. Have made some progress today. Your final line syllable count is dodgy again 😉

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