Tuesday Haiku #17

August’s nearly done

Holidays are memories.

Back to work and school.




16 thoughts on “Tuesday Haiku #17

    • Thanks, Bruce! Great haiku 🙂 Noelle often responds with a haiku – perhaps we should set up a haiku circle – if there isnt one already and I expect there is!

  1. Back to school means it’ll be nice and quiet on the camp site next week! lol
    Just to let you know I’ll be down in Norfolk from this coming Saturday until Tuesday Sept. 10th, staying at my usual site at California.

    I love piggies, think they’re cute, had one myself until a few months ago – if I knew where you were I could maybe come and see yours.

    I like the photo by the way, it looks like somewhere I feel I should know but it probably isn’t!

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