Tuesday Haiku #22

Hugo’s password is

October First is too late

From Fred Hoyle’s great book.

October the First is too Late

In the Traveler in Black and White, Saku gives Hugo (Lord Mariusz) a password, in case he gets stuck on the other side of the time tunnel and has to come back overland.  I chose “October the First is Too Late”.  It is the title one of my all-time favourite books, and is kind of about time travel… although not quite.  You should read it, although it is hard to find.  Click the link on Amazon asking for it on Kindle! (Search links for UK and on .com)

I should re-read it and review it properly of course.

Happy October!


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Haiku #22

  1. I can’t believe October is here already – my favorite month, full of warm, sunny days, leaf color and cool nights. Hope yours is just as nice!

    • It is often a good month. Started ok for us here – some sunshine, and warm enough to sit out for lunch till mid-afternoon. 🙂

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