None of my books are free this month!

I thought of writing this post last month, because none of them were free in September either.

Those authors that are publishing with Amazon aka Kindle Direct Publishing, and choose to put their books out through a mechanism called Kindle Prime, have the opportunity to promote their books as free downloads for five days in every three month period.

It’s a sort of double-edged sword.  It gives authors something to promote the heck out of their book with.  You can see the numbers mounting up for the downloads on free days and feel good about your promotion.  Readers get used to having a lot of free books to choose from.   You just don’t know whether the downloaders will ever read them, let alone review them, and you don’t know whether it will lead to more sales.

And people get weary of seeing the Free Offers on the social media sites, especially if they aren’t looking for them.  In spite of sending invitations to my own Goodreads friends, I get bored with invitations  for free downloads of genres I really don’t like.  Not that I don’t take advantage of the ones I like.  Free day promotion is hard work, makes you feel like you’re doing something useful, but can get very close to being spam sometimes.

So what’s to be done?  There are plenty of other ways of promoting one’s books, although they don’t seem to have the reach that free books do.  Some authors recommend advertising – in the right places.  Reviews are important.  Book tours and giveaways are important.  (Nobody seems to endorse book trailers).  It’s all about building readership and loyal fans.

Thank you loyal fan, for reading this.  I just thought I’d let you know, none of my books are free this month, but they are still out there, ready and waiting for you when you fancy reading them.  My lovely publisher has compiled a page of all the links, even more up to date than the book listings on here!

Mind you, I do have a couple of giveaways running this month, on (they’ve delayed this) and on Goodreads.  Click the links to enter.

Happy reading!


7 thoughts on “None of my books are free this month!

  1. Love it. I also wonder about free days, but since I refuse to sign up for Kindle select (because of their insistence on a monopoly) I don’t do them.

    And marketing is a skill that largely eludes me 🙂

    • Yes, I dislike the monopoly but go down my pragmatic side and just go for the first three months, then they go on everywhere… Gives me a sort of second launch, too.

  2. One of the best titles ever. Great post. Once using Kindle Select was enough for S&K. We can say they tried it. 🙂

    • Thanks! There is also an issue of whether people who look at free books are the MG and younger market… So maybe you’re right to save your strength!

  3. Good on ya! I’ve thought a lot about whether to make my book free, but somehow it hasn’t felt organic to do it. My book’s never likely to be a best-seller anyhow, so it just hasn’t seemed like the thing to do. I’m glad to hear someone say this.

    • Well, I do make them free sometimes. It has to be for a purpose, though 🙂 Good luck with your books and thanks for visiting.

      • Point well taken. It suits some projects and not others but seems to have become a blanket approach.

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