Friday Flash Fiction: Three sentence horror

As you may know, I don’t do horror.  I find it too scary.  Keeps me awake at night revisiting it. There was a short story in a collection of Amazing Stories* once, called “You’ll wonder where the yellow went…” which was the first half of a slogan for a brand of toothpaste.  I still remember the story and it still gives me the creeps, 40 years on!

So when Chuck Wendig asked us to do a three sentence horror story for this week’s flash fiction, my first reaction was a straight “No!”

Then I thought of my worst nightmares….

The garden at dusk

She finished planting the lettuce, ruby chard and radicchio seedlings, and spread a nice thick slug bait barrier around them.  Pleased with her afternoon’s work, she turned, checked the rat trap, and caught her foot, falling headlong onto the rain-parched grass.

As dusk fell and the dew collected, she lay, body paralysed, watching the slugs avoid the bait and head instead towards her nice, warm, moist orifices.

*days later, I think this was in a Harlan Ellison collection called “I Have No Mouth But I Must Scream”.  But it’s association rather than memory.


7 thoughts on “Friday Flash Fiction: Three sentence horror

  1. I thought “I have no Mouth” was Heinlein. Now I have to look it up!

    You also remind me I need to polish up my fiction for tomorrow’s blog.

  2. Nope. You’re right. It WAS Ellison. So much for random access memory. Mine, that is.

    But we have such NICE banana slugs here. . .

    • It totally amazes me how often something will pop into the brain having had a question parked there some time earlier. I think I used to have this book in paperback. I don’t have it now… it had a number of creepy stories, including the title one and another about a man who had a lump that grew into an alien that consumed him. I saw someone write a similar story recently.
      This is why I don’t read (or watch) horror. Freaks me out forever :O

    • Gold star!!
      The punch line to the story was a cauldron of gold simmering in the corner…. I won’t tell you what happened to the owners of the teeth.

  3. Ugh. I’m trying to envision this ad and how it would sell toothpaste.

    But I’m another who doesn’t read horror because of the nightmares it can give me (though I’ve been reading all the entries in Wendig’s contest–part horrified fascination, and part just enjoying seeing people working to convey a whole story in three sentences.

    • Well, the ad of course had nothing to do with the story! It was very much on the lines of the Colgate Ring of Confidence, but with a catchy jingle.

      I read the ones on terrible minds down to mine, found that they had a lot in common, some were better than others. I shouldnt have posted mine so early – I’ve improved it since, I hope!

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