Reversals of Fortune

I’ve spend the last two and a half days trying to work out why my new blog and website aren’t working.  In a nutshell, the server they were on got corrupted.  Eventually things were sorted out onto a new server, and in theory I should have been able to carry on as normal.

(warning, techie moanie stuff approaching)

Except I couldn’t.  For one thing, I could find out what was wrong, but not how to fix it.  I couldn’t get access to the place where I sort out the posts and the look of the blog in order to fix it through WordPress.  And then when I worked out I’d have to reinstall the WordPress software, I found the tool to do that was missing from the server management software.  It just seemed like every step of the way I was finding another problem, and I’d get a not-very-helpful answer from tech support to the problem I’d just worked out, just after I’d sent in a new query and update.

(techie stuff done)

So rather than wait and wait, I thought I’d better come back here and at least do my bit for the people that are expecting their blog tours to be done.

I apologise for the delay, and apologise even more that I can’t access what I’d written on the other blog, so have to make it all up again.

But thanks for being here 😀

4 thoughts on “Reversals of Fortune

  1. I’m so glad that you still have this site, Jemima! I pray it is resolved soon. Yes, they should definitely grovel! Good thinking, Rebecca.

  2. I am also glad you still have this site! My daughter decided to give my blog, which I have woefully neglected over the holidays, a new look – not sure I like it. But we can always switch back.

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