April AtoZ Challenge sign ups open

This was meant to be a post about my Norfolk Reading challenge, in fact any challenge getting you to read books about/set in your local area.  But I’ve forgotten most of it, and what was to have been “Norfolk Week” on my blog will just turn into a few other things instead.

But I can announce that the sign-up list for the A to Z Challenge is well and truly OPEN!  Click the badge and pop over to sign up on the linky list.  I’m at number 159 – my highest entry so far!  I must be paying more attention.

My theme this year is the NATO alphabet, and I’d already mapped out about ten or so of the blog posts.  I’d written an entertaining story about my half hour in Lima.  I’d done some fun haikus for Alpha and Golf.  But most of the posts are still in my head, and I have four books to read and review… so I’d better stop griping about my non-functional blog and get to work again.

It may be here, or it maybe somewhere else, but jemimapett.com will be blogging from A to Z again this April – you’d better believe it!

11 thoughts on “April AtoZ Challenge sign ups open

  1. I’m hugely relieved to tell you that at present the jemimapett.com and princelings.co.uk websites are working – at least on the surface. I’ve got some formatting problems in the dashboard, but I can actually use it, if in a tortuous manner.
    I think I may double post (in both places) for a bit.

      • I think the problem was, I had set up the blogs in a slightly incorrect manner, so when the server went down, they were restored oddly and lost stuff. On the same day WordPress issued a new release, which REALLY messed things up, because half was updated and half not. Still it gives me something to post about on Monday :).

  2. It’s come round to the A to Z Challenge already! Doesn’t seem like nearly a year ago already.

    I won’t be taking part again this year. It did me in last time 🙂

    Best wishes. I look forward to your posts 🙂

    • I think the trick is to start writing the posts in January. I aim to have only the Friday flash fictions to do in April – since we get the challenge for those just a week ahead. Need to get the books read for the book reviews, though – I have a lot of reading to do this month!

      Make sure you come over to the new blog, Pete – http://jemimapett.com (you may need to ‘clear your cache’ before you do so).

      • Last year I did it with no prep. Thanks to Jemima, though I don’t have any posts written yet, I have at least been working on a plan, and thinking about what the posts will be about! Time to start finding and reading the books, too. This could be tricky, as I am already reviewing usually two books/week.

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