Round-up of the Blog Tour

Princelings of the East - Button 1 - Beige background and Purple letters

Well, that was exhausting!  Thank you everyone who hosted a Blog Tour spot, and for reviewing the book, interviewing me and George and all the other fascinating things that went on.  And of course HUGE thanks to Renee at for organising it, and for finding the photo of Viggo Mortensen (I know how hard that was for you).

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Five star reviews from Readers’ Favorite

For some reason I forgot to tell you about this.  Then the second review came in, so I thought I’d better catch up. 

Princelings trilogy review submissions

I submitted the three Princelings trilogy books for review at this professional or at least industry-recognised, site back in May or June.  As you can imagine I was delighted to get a five star review for Princelings of the East.

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Ratings and ‘forever books’

I was looking at the definition of the ratings given by This Kid Reviews Books.  Four stars is “a very good book I will keep in my library” and five stars is “you have to read this book!”.  It made me think of the books I have kept in my library forever.  Some of them I don’t like but they were school prizes with one of those stick on plates in them.  They don’t actually make it onto the shelf with all the other books these days.  But some have been carried around from bedroom to bedsit,  from flat to house and on again.  They sit in pride of place on my bookshelf. Continue reading