#MGBookElves – a fireside chat

In a cosy room at Castle Marsh, Fred and George are relaxing after a nice meal with their guests, Max the Tonkinese cat from the Shadows of the Past series and Stanley the labrador dog and Katrina von Cat from the Perpetual Papers of the Pack of Pets.  Fred tells all here.  After the conversation […]

Blog Tour and Guest interview: The Shadow of Atlantis

I am overjoyed to be interviewing one of the outstanding time travellers of our generation today – Max, the Tonkinese cat, who stars in the Shadows from the Past series by Wendy Leighton-Porter.  To start, find out about the first in the series – The Shadow of Atlantis, and you can click the links in […]

Buckmore at Yule, by Willoughby

Season’s Greetings to you, dear reader. I am Willoughby, Narrator-in-Residence at Buckmore.  My job is to fill your soul with delight as you imagine the lights, laughter and love to be found during the Yule season at Castle Buckmore. You know Buckmore of course, by reputation if nothing else. Set in the gentle rolling western […]

Yuletide character blog series

On Thursdays in December, and also on Christmas Eve, there will be blog posts from some of the Princelings characters about the Yuletide Festivals at their castles. The series starts 6th December with Willoughby (The Way West) who is now Narrator-in Residence at Buckmore, talking about the celebrations at Castle Buckmore (of course).  I’m sure […]

George, an intelligent engineer

George and I are back home in Castle Marsh after our five day trip to southern Gaul.  It was a fascinating and, at times, scary trip.  George flew us round the castle as we got lower in the sky, preparing to land, and he told me afterwards he’d been trying to work out which landing […]

Ludo, the Pirate King

With George’s help, I have managed to rendezvous with Ludo, formerly King of Castle Marsh, now just a pirate.  He sent a message to meet him at the Isle de Giens, in the Central Sea south of Gaul, on the coast to the east of a major port there.  George spoke to his flying friends […]

Kira, adventurer in birth, marriage, life and death

We are at Castle Marsh, in a room in the south-east of the castle, looking out over the marshes.  Silvery streams break up the sea of susurrating stems.  Small birds fly across the streams every now and then and disappear back into the reeds. Someone seems to be reeling in a fishing line for hours […]

Smallweed, second Lord of Vexstein, talks big business

As the small carriage I have taken from the Prancing Pony finally arrives at the gates of Castle Vexstein, I realise the wisdom of Victor’s and George’s hike up the hill from the village halfway between Prancing Pony and Seventh Happiness.  Taking the ‘official’ route adds two hours and (in my case) an overnight stop […]

Saku, the Professor, reveals his past

I’m still at Castle Hattan, the weather is still damp and windy, but I am safe in the bowels of the castle, surrounded by the hum of the Wozna brewing machinery.  I am with Saku, the scientific genius behind the Wozna cola process.  We are sitting in his little study at the back of the […]

Hugo, Lord Mariusz of Hattan, speaks

I am standing high up at the top of a tower, surrounded by other towers, the wind whistling wetly through the arches on the southern side, clouds glowering but the sun sending shafts of light onto silvery rivers that join in the distance.  I have come to see Hugo, otherwise known as Lord Mariusz of […]