Flash Fiction Friday: Christmas Lights

This is another story based on those opening lines that were suggested a few weeks ago.  I’m definitely getting into the Christmas spirit now.  This story is just over 1000 words. Christmas Lights BANG! We sat in darkness.  No lights on the Christmas tree, no television. “Oh dear!”  Grandmother’s querulous voice said it all, really. […]

Friday Flash Fiction: Last Tangent in Paris

This week we choose one opening line from those submitted last week and complete it.  My second and third choices were: Bang. (garypo705) “Shetland ponies,” he grumbled, shaking his head. “Why did they always turn into Shetland ponies?” (Krud) Instead I chose the one by  Caroline Arbelay, but corrected it slightly.  I would like to […]

Friday Flash Fiction: The Indescribable Ugliness of Pants

Another subgenre mash-up challenge from Chuck Wendig saw me asking my random number generator for two numbers between 1 and 20.  5 and 19 gave me the challenge of combining Post-Apocalyptic Horror and Bizarro.  I had to look the latter up.   I did my best, but forgot about the Horror aspect. I’m not good on […]

Friday Flash Fiction: The Orichalcum Library

“Easy. All you have to do is randomize a title from the two columns,” said Chuck Wendig. Then he gave us two numbered lists, I got my random number generator working, and drew 7 & 3 to give me “Orichalcum Library”. Wikipedia: Orichalcum is a metal mentioned in several ancient writings, including the story of […]

Flash Fiction Friday: Gorg in Pursuit of Bale (part 2)

Last week, our challenge from Chuck Wendig was to write a cliffhanger.  This week –  predictably – we have to choose someone else’s story and complete it.  Even more predictably, I chose Rebecca Douglass’s cliffhanger – in the continuing saga of Gorg the Troll .  Best read it first… then read on. It’s 1025 words. […]

Friday Flash Fiction: The Next Generation

A fascinating discovery in Peru is the spark for this week’s Flash Fiction Challenge from Chuck Wenger. “See this article,” he asked. “Your job is to write a ~1000 short story of any genre including and explaining this weird little web-tower.” I know exactly what they are.  I remember one of the greatest scifi gurus […]

Friday Flash Fiction: Sir Woebegone examines his conscience

For someone who started out life as a bystander in someone else’s story, Sir Woebegone is doing pretty well.  This week, Chuck Wendig gave us a random choice of twenty settings for our story – I rolled a 2 and got the Gates of Heaven (if only it was that easy!).  I decided Sir Woebegone […]