Kindle Free Days – some conclusions

The last days of the free promotion for the Talent Seekers took place last week.  I went into them not expecting much.  It seemed to me from the very disappointing first three days that either I had a book I couldn’t even give away or that the world of free promotion had changed so much I wasn’t going to crack it without a massive number of reviews or a lot of costly promotion.  Or both.

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Expanding my presence – Ask David

One of the things about being an independent author is that you have to promote yourself.  It’s not my strongest suit.  As someone else said, authors tend to be quiet, retiring types who like to closet themselves in their writing space.  Yeah, I’m laughing too, but we generally aren’t the most likely to tell the world how wonderful we are. Continue reading

Lost City beats my target by miles

Lost City finished its final free days during its Amazon exclusive period early this morning.  Thank you to everyone who shared, tweeted, gifted or just downloaded it!  Particular thanks to all the free book sites that included it over the last few months: the Independent Author Network, Pixel of Ink, Freebooksy, WLC Free Book forum, All Things Kindle, Kindleboards, Free Kindle Books, Goodreads, Free Ebooks Daily, Kindlemojo.  These sites and your efforts are, I think, what made it so much more successful than Pirates.  Thank you so much! Continue reading