Bravo Victor

It’s now 2015.  Victor has grown up, but in spite of his ambitions to be a business guru, he’s still running the Inn of the Seventh Happiness in his spare time.

Fate takes a hand when he visits King Fred of Castle Marsh and is whisked off on a mission to help Sundance and his beautiful accomplice unmask a criminal, and investigate why George has not returned home after his visit to a flying festival.

He narrates the particulars of his travels in the Rhinelands, and his quandary when he meets an old friend from a different timeline…

Bravo Victor contains a handy chronology of key events in the series to date, as well as a cast of characters.  It’s suitable for budding inventors, politicians, business leaders, entrepreneurs, smugglers and barkeepers!  Age 12 and up.

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Bravo Victor: 978-1-32-069817-7

Victor is sent on a mission to stop someone importing a banned drink and to rescue Prince Engineer George.

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