Snowflakes and Shivers

Heart-warming and Toe-curling Seasonal Tales

snowflakes and shivers

Fantastic beasts leave their footprints in the snow; Christmas tree fairies reflect on their lives; snowflakes discover their destiny; raccoons save Father Christmas, and some randy space cadets have the Christmas of their dreams. These are among eighteen short stories with a twist, to delight and tingle your nerves in a seasonal flash fiction collection from Jemima Pett.

Most of the stories involve Christmas, and the rest involve some sort of wintry weather. The specific date range is November 30 to 1st January, or St Andrews Day to New Year’s Day. There’s a great deal of family involvement, some of which is quite sad, but most ends up as all good Christmas stories should. And Sir Woebegone and Willoughby are in there too! 

At least two of the stories are exclusive to this volume, including a new Carruthers. Jemima’s favourite was The Flying Whales Save Christmas, written from a title made up in a previous story, The BookFeet, in the collection Weird and Weirder.

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