White Water Landings

White Water Landings is a memoir of Geoffrey Pett’s adventures as a station manager in Africa for Imperial Airways during the operation of the Flying Boat service to Durban. It covers the period from his application to become a Commercial Trainee in 1933 to his marriage and return from Cairo to England in 1944.  It’s a vision of bygone days, from the luxury of airtravel in the Empire Flying Boats, to a developing country, run by tribal chiefs within the governance of a fading British Empire.  A Boy’s Own adventure with planes, boats, elephants, spies and an amazing romance!

Available as a hardcover book, paperback and ebook.

The romance of pre-war commercial aviation meets the romance of a man separated by war from the woman he loves.

With a forward by Professor Gordon Pirie,  Deputy Director of the African Centre for Cities at Cape Town University and Editor of the Journal of Transport History, the book is a must for aviation historians, flying boat enthusiasts, lovers of family history and African adventure, and anyone who loves a good tale with honest people and a touch of romance.

White Water Landings by J M Pett with Geoffrey Pett,  published 11th May 2015.

WWL cover

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