Willoughby the Narrator

Just where did Willoughby, one of Humphrey’s friends in the Talent Seekers, learn his ninja skills?  How did he come to be a Narrator?  And what happened after he fell from the high tower at Castle Deeping?

Discover Willoughby’s origins, his big secret, and follow his adventurers as he travels around the Realms, telling stories and acting as an undercover agent for the rich and powerful!

Lovers of the series will enjoy this latest adventure, but newcomers may find it easier to start with book 1 or book 5.  It’s a mystery adventure in a world not quite like ours, suitable for age 10 and upwards.

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Willoughby the Narrator: 978-1-36-612087-8

Willoughby survives by telling stories; his ninja training and freedom of movement make him the ideal spy.

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