Illustrations for Traveler

In the tradition of the Princelings trilogy, I’m doing Chapter Illustrations for the Traveler in Black and White, which is published this month (November).

The story shifts between Lord Mariusz’s home, Castle Hattan, and places he visits in the realms under the guise of Hugo, a traveling salesman of Wozna Cola.  Well, he really does see it as a business opportunity.  He gets involved in murder, vampires, totalitarian societies (I wonder where that might be?), industrial espionage and assassination, and all the while he just wants to make some money.  Poor Mariusz!

So here, for your delight, are the first views of all the chapter illustrations.  At present they are captioned with the chapter number and a brief description, to give you an idea of what they represent.  I’ll change this to the chapter titles soon.

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