#MGBookElves – an Interview with Paul R Hewlett

Welcome to the fantastic 12 Authors of Christmas seasonal giveaway and blog tour! Today I am interviewing the author of Lionel’s Grand Adventure series – Paul R Hewlett (wild applause)!  I’ve reviewed the second book Lionel Turns The Other Cheek and the third one Lionel’s Christmas Adventure – soon I’ll get back to the first one, […]

Book Review: Lionel’s Christmas Adventure by Paul R Hewlett

However heroic I would like to think myself, I think I’m really much more Lionel than I like to admit.  Lionel has grand ideas, but he is not very good at executing them.  He’s not really very good at anything much, although he does have the advantage of a lucky Three-Toed Pot-Bellied Waupum’s foot.  It […]