Cool Hand Mariusz

Lord Mariusz is the Traveler in Black and White – he was also the villain of The Princelings of the East.  We were set this exercise in our creative writing class just as I was publishing Traveler, so his story was uppermost in my mind.  When asked to write a piece with the ending “sometimes […]

What the Traveler in Black and White does next

Lord Mariusz’s tale of exploration on the other side of the time tunnel comes to the end of its time on Amazon’s Kindle Owners Lending Library at midnight tonight.  This is otherwise known as the Amazon-exclusive period, and although there are lots of detractors of the scheme, I feel it helps me get the books […]

Last chance to get The Traveler in Black and White FREE

Today, 20th February, is Victor’s birthday!  To celebrate, The Traveler in Black and White is FREE for the last time on Amazon worldwide.  This engaging tale explains how Lord Mariusz aka Hugo came to find the land at the end of the time tunnel and be accused of murder, witness a vampire slaying, and be […]

Early bird Free Traveler

Today, Tuesday 4th December, for one day only, you can get The Traveler in Black and White FREE for your Kindle or Kindle App. This is an earlybird special for Princelings fans, and I hope some of you will feel moved to write a review in time for the Christmas Kindle explosion!  This is the […]

The Traveler in Black and White – out now!

The long-awaited Traveler in Black and White is now out on Amazon for your Kindle and Kindle Apps!  This fourth book in the Princelings series sees Lord Mariusz of Hattan narrate, in his own Chandler-esque style, how he came to explore the world on the end of the time tunnel, and why he adopted the […]

Saku, the Professor, reveals his past

I’m still at Castle Hattan, the weather is still damp and windy, but I am safe in the bowels of the castle, surrounded by the hum of the Wozna brewing machinery.  I am with Saku, the scientific genius behind the Wozna cola process.  We are sitting in his little study at the back of the […]

Hugo, Lord Mariusz of Hattan, speaks

I am standing high up at the top of a tower, surrounded by other towers, the wind whistling wetly through the arches on the southern side, clouds glowering but the sun sending shafts of light onto silvery rivers that join in the distance.  I have come to see Hugo, otherwise known as Lord Mariusz of […]