None of my books are free this month!

I thought of writing this post last month, because none of them were free in September either. Those authors that are publishing with Amazon aka Kindle Direct Publishing, and choose to put their books out through a mechanism called Kindle Prime, have the opportunity to promote their books as free downloads for five days in […]

People who like… will like this

It’s that question that an author gets asked by publicists.  I was asked it when putting The Talent Seekers forward to a site that features books on their Kindle ‘free’ days. Fill in the gap:  “People who like [author/book] will like The Talent Seekers.” I’ve always had difficulty with this, partly because I think my […]

Thoughts on the launch of the trilogy

Launching a book is an odd experience.  You work so hard for so long, editing, checking, proofing, working with your team on the cover design as well.  When the moment finally came to press ‘publish’ I did so with fingers crossed, hoping that everything was covered, but also with relief that it was finally over. […]

Reflections on a free day

There may still be some numbers working their way through the system, but I was very pleased with yesterday’s free offer of Lost City for Kindle readers worldwide. Like most indie authors, I’m still working out promotion, especially with Kindle Select, where we have five free days in our 90 day exclusive periods with Amazon.  […]

A Facebook Advert

Last night on UK tv there was a very interesting documentary on Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook.  I was particularly interested in the rationale behind Facebook, and the privacy versus advertising issues.  If you  Like a product, then the product owner can use that link (automatically) to send an advert to the pages of all your […]

What I learnt in April

This post summarises a lot of thoughts in April, as I didnt want to interfere with the A to Z Challenge. It was a busy month – the Challenge itself, the promotion to visitors to the site who in turn increased my number of followers (hi, follower!), the last free promotion of the second book […]

Learning from the first free days

It’s been a hectic week.  In the days leading up to the free days for Pirates on Amazon I followed lots of advice and emailed people, tweeted websites and signed up for exposure on literary, read and review and kindle sites.  Thanks to you all.  On the day I followed the advice from World Literary […]

Princelings makes progress

Princelings of the East has now been downloaded 22 times on Smashwords (including 3 by me, in different formats to check), all in its first week.  All of those are samples rather than purchases but I hope they’ll want to read more in time. The Kindle version on Amazon has 2 US sales and 5 […]