Friday Flash Fiction: The Next Generation

A fascinating discovery in Peru is the spark for this week’s Flash Fiction Challenge from Chuck Wenger. “See this article,” he asked. “Your job is to write a ~1000 short story of any genre including and explaining this weird little web-tower.” I know exactly what they are.  I remember one of the greatest scifi gurus […]

Book Review – Seed Savers: Treasure by S Smith

This is a Middle Grade SciFi book about gardening.  Actually it is about escape from totalitarian regimes and a return to fresh food and freedom of choice to grow it, but on the surface it is just about 12 year old Clare, her seven year old brother Dante and their friends Lily (same age as […]

Book Review & Blog Tour: Return to Cardamom by Julie Anne Grasso

I’m extremely honoured to be one of the first stops on Julie Grasso’s Return To Cardamom Blog Tour.  If you’ve read my review of the first in the series, you’ll be expecting a delicious story sequel, and you won’t be disappointed.  Read on for my review, news of free books and giveaways, and the rest […]

Book Review: Horse Power by Sue Ann Bowling

This is a short book of around 10-12,000 words, which I think makes it a novella, that provides background in Sue Ann Bowling’s Homecoming series.  A Preamble places it in context, and having read neither of the books it follows, I welcomed this.  However I found I slotted straightaway into the world Ms Bowling has […]

Book Review: Howl of the Wolf by Diane Rapp

We start on the planet Draco, inhabited by sentient wolves with their own history and culture who watch some humans arrive in a spaceship.  Flip forward into a science fiction whodunnit type of scenario, very smartly done and very intriguing with cleverly imagined scientific development and medical procedure, wrapped up in a space opera.  I […]