Book Review: The Cursed Nile by S W Lothian

The second book in the Quest series sees our heroes JJ, Linc and Rani summoned back to Ancient Egypt to solve the riddle of the disappearance of the Water-God Hapi, along with the waters of the Nile.  What the top god Horus doesn’t know is that in modern day Egypt, the Nile waters have also […]

Book Review: Shadow of the Minotaur by Wendy Leighton-Porter

The Shadow of the Minotaur is the second in Wendy Leighton-Porter’s Shadows from the Past series.  These books really appeal to me since they deal with a bit of history I did at school – my history knowledge doesn’t go much past 1066 as I gave up History to study German.  I have some general […]

Book Review: The Shadow of Atlantis by Wendy Leighton-Porter

This is the first in the Shadows from the Past series of books, in which Jemima (good name!) and Joe, friend Charlie and cat Max travel back in time to various exciting events in the past, by means of a strange book they find in their attic. Not surprisingly, given the title, the first trip […]

Book Review: The Time Travel Storm by T C Booth

This is a slim volume for Third Grade children which I guess would suit age groups 6-9 years old.  I won it in a Children’s Book Week Giveaway. We join Scott and Alex on their school trip to the Sunnyville Historical Village, a re-creation of a pioneer settlement.  It looks like a normal sort of […]

Book Review: The Golden Scarab by S W Lothian

JJ is absolutely ordinary.  His friend Linc is pretty normal, especially with his love of food and adventure, probably in that order! So how come a statue in a museum starts talking to them? This is a time travel adventure, where JJ and his friend are invited to go on a Quest and are magically […]

It’s over – nearly

The A to Z Blog Challenge is over, and I hope you enjoyed all the stories – short, medium and long.  And, of course, the Book Reviews.  If you didn’t get around to entering the Giveaway, then I’m afraid you’ve missed it; this post comes online about an hour after it closes. The ‘nearly’ part […]

Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle

Book Review, YA & MG Time Travel Challenge and Classic Children’s Book Challenge This is one of the Puffin Modern Classics series and unusually I got the paperback, which was marginally cheaper than the Kindle edition.  It says on the front cover ‘a masterpiece of science fiction’ and for a long time I wondered, as […]

One week to the A to Z Challenge – Time to Panic

Yep, I’m all organised. Much! I’ve got all of my blog posts written now, except for.. a few Three of my writing course friends are publishing short stories with me, and two are scheduled My illustrator Dani is talking about her work, with a lovely picture and a bit of an interview I’ve read and […]

Three weeks to the A to Z Challenge – What, How, Where?

Yep, I’m all organised although there’re still some stories to be written and books to be read in order to review them.  The question is, what are YOU doing about the A to Z Blog Challenge?  I mean, you’re reading this, and I bet you’ve got your own blog.  All you need to do is […]

Five weeks to go till the A to Z Challenge

Have I made any progress since the last update at 7 weeks?  Not much! I’ve got more stories written, including a completely new one starring Professor Saku, telling how he came to invent the grav-sleds that are used by Hugo to move the Wozna stock about (in the Traveler in Black and White).  I’ve been […]

A Time Travel Challenge

As if it wasn’t enough to be doing the Kid Lit Blog Hop, the A to Z April Blog Challenge, the pre-1960s Children’s Classic Reading Challege, and the Goodreads Reading Challenge (not hard), I’ve signed up for another one. The 2013 YA & MG Time Travel Reading Challenge!

Seven weeks to go till the A to Z Challenge

That must be long enough, surely?  Well, I’ve got a blog title set against each of the letters except Y.  I’ve got the stories drafted for every letter up to K except for the book reviews. I’m truly organised. Except I won’t be, will I?  I’ll probably be scrambling to finish Y and Z the […]