#MGBookElves – a fireside chat

In a cosy room at Castle Marsh, Fred and George are relaxing after a nice meal with their guests, Max the Tonkinese cat from the Shadows of the Past series and Stanley the labrador dog and Katrina von Cat from the Perpetual Papers of the Pack of Pets.  Fred tells all here.  After the conversation […]

Buckmore at Yule, by Willoughby

Season’s Greetings to you, dear reader. I am Willoughby, Narrator-in-Residence at Buckmore.  My job is to fill your soul with delight as you imagine the lights, laughter and love to be found during the Yule season at Castle Buckmore. You know Buckmore of course, by reputation if nothing else. Set in the gentle rolling western […]

Yuletide character blog series

On Thursdays in December, and also on Christmas Eve, there will be blog posts from some of the Princelings characters about the Yuletide Festivals at their castles. The series starts 6th December with Willoughby (The Way West) who is now Narrator-in Residence at Buckmore, talking about the celebrations at Castle Buckmore (of course).  I’m sure […]