My Reading List

When I started this page I thought in my quest to find where my stories fit in the published work out there I might as well keep a list of what I come across in papers, lists, blogs etc.  Then I could review them here.  But things progress…

I now use Goodreads.  All my ‘To Be Read’ books are on there, as well as most of the books I remember reading. Some series just have a few token ones listed – generally I read all of a series!  Click the link in the panel near the page bottom to take you to the list. You’ll also find what I’m currently reading and my reviews of what I’ve read recently.  I usually review books that are suitable for younger readers (i.e. Princelings readers) here even if they are not specifically children/MG/YA books.  But if they aren’t suitable, I won’t review them on here!

If you have an eReader you should also keep an eye on the Free ebook promotions.  Try Pixel of Ink YE for books for younger people.  World Literary Cafe and Independent Author Network also have promotions.

I have something around 100 books on my “to Read” list at any time, and as new books come in often leapfrog ones that have been there for ages, I don’t see that number coming down to zero in my lifetime.

You can click the link under ‘Category’ to the right to get my archive of book reviews, but I’m also going to list them for you here.


3 thoughts on “My Reading List

  1. I got Marcus Sedgwick’s Floodland which I found very interesting. Got some inspiration and learned a lot from his style. Less discoursive than mine though. Am in the middle of the Three Pigs Detective Agency which is far more discoursive. I’d like to know how he handled the issue of using other people’s characters in this, but of course they are probably classed as traditional characters rather than any other author’s invention. Enjoying it though.

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